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Pixel offers a high end, professional surveying services utilising the latest UAV technology.

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Our UAV was built and designed by C-Astral and has a Lockheed Martin guidance system. The complete system is known as Bramor. Our Bramor is piloted by a team of professional commercial pilots and surveyors which allows us to operate efficiently and safely whilst gathering highly accurate data with a GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) as low as 1.5cm.

We have the ability to be ready at short notice and can relocate anywhere in New Zealand and abroad with the added benefit of fast and cost effective surveys, remote access to restricted and dangerous sites and minimal site and environmental disruptions.

Available Outputs:

  • TINs (3D surface data)
  • DTMs (Digital Terrain Model)
  • DEMs (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Point Clouds
  • Aerial Photography
  • Multispectral and RGB

Pixel Mapping provides a total solution to meet clients Mapping and Modelling needs from our offices throughout New Zealand.  Our airborne and terrestrial systems enable us to gather data more efficiently than ever before, without physically contacting the target surface. Be it a large land mass, the façade of a heritage building, or a detail inside a pump station.

As we operate the most advanced UAV in New Zealand (we believe the only one with a transponder), and employ a commercial pilot with over 1,700 hours flight time, we have flown in areas where other operators have been unable to obtain flight clearance.  This, plus having a full CAA assessment and endorsement ensures that Pixel Mapping’s clients can be assured that the operation is planned and executed safely, not putting the public and/or the principal at risk.

Pixel does not out source any processing, data is processed internally. This gives us full control over the accuracy standards and delivery times. On large sites’ we have found that we delivered data while traditional surveying methods would have still been working in the field. This has resulted in significant time and cost savings for clients.

High quality ortho photos are only the beginning of the data available, we can digitise anything and produce outputs to all common GIS and CAD packages, or provide quantity reports in excel spreadsheets and pdf plans.

We also have the resources and survey expertise of our parent company Civil Solutionz New Zealand behind us. This means that time critical sites can still be surveyed, no matter what weather system is affecting the country at the time.


Use of Pixel’s UAV and on board multi spectral NIR (Near Infrared) camera can offer many advantages to the agricultural industry.  Pixel operates with two on-board cameras which gives imagery for vegetation analysis as well as standard aerial imagery which can then be processed to obtain 3D site models.  Capturing both sets of images is essential for detailed farm mapping, management and allocation of resources, usable land area analysis, land use classification, riparian planning and effluent management strategies.

UAV use is ideal for accurate site surveys for the design and installation of irrigation systems, to maximise return on investment. UAV’s have also been used for insurance evidence for loss of production / assets damaged.

Deliverables and applications:

  • Farm Mapping
  • High-Resolution Farm Photos
  • Crop Health Identification
  • Sustainable Management and Efficient Operations
  • Areas affected by erosion
  • Work Progress Monitoring
  • Contour Models

Mining and Quarries

UAV use in mining and quarries has many and varied applications.  Data can be collected for high wall surveying, stockpile monitoring and volumes for end of month claims. High resolution and high accuracy aerial photos and ortho-photographs provide great information to engineers whilst lessening ground survey time and minimising disruption on site.

Site production is unaffected by regular reporting surveys, as no staff enter the operational area’s of the plant and personal are not exposed to risk of rock fall, trips or vehicle movements. A denser data set is obtained, by using a very small sampling distance, typically 30mm, giving a truer surface profile.

With the use of NIR, data can be collected on surrounding vegetation which is useful for monitoring environmental impact and the overall impact of mining activities.

Deliverables and applications:

  • Quarry Mapping
  • High-Resolution Quarry Photos
  • Adjoining Property Environmental Monitoring
  • Quarry Management and Planning
  • Stock Reporting
  • Areas affected by erosion
  • Work Progress Monitoring
  • DTMs, DEMs, Point Clouds, TINs Excel Spreadsheet Quantities and PDF Plans

Power Networks

Pixel utilises Bramor for monitoring of power networks including line inspection, line sag, vegetation under lines and the height difference between vegetation and lines.

Deliverables and applications:

  • Network Mapping
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Network Management and Planning
  • Clearance Analysis and Reporting
  • Areas affected by development
  • Corridor Route Planning


The use of Pixel’s UAV in forestry allows us to gather data for our clients in both ortho rectified and NIR/RGB mosaics in a timely manner.

The technology Pixel uses allows us to map the quality of the plantation to identify stress effects, age, tree condition, species identification and numbers, canopy overview, disease identification, tree health and fire risks.

Forest infrastructure can be planned effectively, after importing pixel data into common forestry management tools.

  • Forest Mapping
  • High-Resolution Farm Photos
  • Tree Health Identification
  • Sustainable Management and Efficient Operations
  • Species Identification
  • Areas affected by erosion
  • Work Progress Monitoring
  • Contour Models
  • Infrastructure
  • Resource Consents


With increasing demand, architects and designers require detailed models of existing site features and street facades. Pixel Mapping utilise high resolution photos and advanced survey techniques to produce detailed plans and three dimensional models of entire sites. These are of great use to site engineers, architects and other construction professionals.

This data integrates easily with commonly used software packages as used by major architects and designers.

Unlike traditional ground based scanner technology, Pixel uses both ground based and airborne methods to model the entire target area and create a true 3d model.

Deliverables and applications:

  • Building Modelling
  • Street Scape Capture
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Adjoining Property Imagery and Perspectives
  • Sun Angle Analysis Data
  • DTMs, Images, Point Clouds and 3D Autocad Data


UAV use on construction sites utilises high resolution photos and orthophotographs.  These are a valuable tool for project management, monitoring daily activities whilst allowing a greater overall view of the entire site.

With the use of photogrammetric data and advanced surveying techniques we can provide two dimensional and three dimensional information in the form of images, TINs and point clouds, these are of great use to site engineers, managers, quantity surveyors and other construction professionals.

The data provides an irrefutable record of progress on site, and forms the basis for very accurate volume reporting, which can easily be passed on to other parties for independent verification. An entire project can easily be measured in one single snap shot and surface models created. This can then be used to quantify XXX and volumes for progress claims.

The use of Pixels UAV gives clients considerable cost savings on large projects, with the additional benefits of aerial imagery.

Deliverables and applications:

  • Site Mapping
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Progress Photos for Marketing
  • Environmental Compliance Recording (site coverage)
  • Work Progress Monitoring
  • Volume Reporting
  • DTMs, DEMs, Point Cloud, Images and TINs

Roads, Bridges and Railways

Pixel primarily operates our Bramor Aircraft for accurate large scale surveys of roads, bridges and railways with additional infill data captured as needed. This is used to provide topographical and mapping data in the form of high resolution ortho rectified images and more traditional 3d cad files.  If required for additional analysis, NIR and RGB images can also be supplied.

Traditional methods, requiring expensive traffic management resources can now be surveyed to high accuracies without effecting traffic flow, or exposing personal to potential harm.  This also results in significant cost savings and efficiencies.

Deliverables and applications:

Road Topo
Slip Monitoring
Bridge Modelling
Rail Corridor Surveys
DTMs, DEMs, Point Cloud, Images and TINs

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